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Following the success of the 2022 and 2023 Student Scholarship Grants, the East Gippsland Community Foundation (EGCF) is proud to announce a Business Partner Scholarships Program, launching December 2023.

What is the Business Partner Scholarships Program?

As a Business Partner of EGCF, you will assist in funding an East Gippsland resident’s tertiary education in a degree or training course that will directly assist your organisation with skill shortage requirements and build a lasting relationship with the region’s future workforce.

The Business Scholarship Recruitment Process is tailored via collaboration between you and the EGCF to ensure that you are identifying the unique qualifications and skills required for your business, and offering a scholarship for suitable candidates to fill this gap.

EGCF Will Liase With Your Business To:

  • Identify skills needed + identify appropriate training courses/qualifications
  • Develop the scholarship criteria (inclusive of course-break or part-time ongoing
    employment for funded student)
  • Facilitate the student application, interview + nomination process
  • Assist in relationship building between business + student, including mid-semester
    check in with EGCF representative, business + scholarship recipient
  • Acquittal of the scholarship at completion of the students annual studies (with
    optional extensions for future study support)
  • Promote your business through a strategic marketing campaign, that celebrates
    your investment in the partnership (including promotional collateral for your
    business to do the same through your own marketing channels & target
The Business Scholarships program has been developed to increase the economic development of the East Gippsland region by:
Structure of Business Support

Minimum 12 month commitment

University Study (3-4 Yrs)
Registered Training Organisation (6 mo - 4 yrs)


October 2023

In principal commitment (MOU) from Business Partner Cross promotion and marketing activity may commence.

Early December 2023 to February 2024

Source applicants.

February 2024

Finalise successful applicants.

Payment of scholarship and
administration fee to EGCF.

Early May 2024

Mid- Semester check-ins.

Early Sept 2024

Mid- Semester check-ins.

October 2024

Agree to subsequent funding years.

November 2024 to January 2025

Scholarship Acquittal.

Expression of Interest

Ready to collaborate with the East Gippsland Community Foundation? Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Including full-time or part-time study options.
Includes both remote/onsite location options.

Scholarship FAQ's

East Gippsland Community Foundation Scholarships are for study beyond secondary school for students impacted by the 2019/2020 bushfires.

There are two types of scholarships offered, differing mainly in the type of course offering.

  1. Vocational education and training (including TAFE and other similar registered training organisations)
  2. Higher education (including universities)

The Scholarships are open to students in the East Gippsland Shire. Priority will be to students who live or lived in townships and communities that were directly impacted by fires, although all students living across the East Gippsland Shire are welcome to apply.

If you have been living away from the family home or have moved with your family  out of East Gipsland Shire on a permanent capacity, then your circumstances do not match the scholarship’s criteria.

If your family home is in a bushfire impacted area and you have been living elsewhere in Australia whilst studying at secondary school (e.g., attending a boarding school in a metropolitan area) or undertaking vocational or tertiary education then you are eligible to apply.

If you have moved out of East Gippsland Shire very recently in order to obtain summer work prior to commencing your studies in 2022, then you may be eligible. We would suggest you email us with your circumstances so we can advise you.

The scholarship supports accommodation costs and/or other expenses directly related to the study of successful applicants (e.g. – rent, course costs, study related materials/equipment, textbooks, tutoring).

Yes. At the end of each funded year, scholarship recipients will be required to provide the East Gippsland Community Foundation with copies of receipts to show that funds were expended on intended purposes.

There is no restriction on the course undertaken. However, the following applies:

  • Vocational education and training must be 6 months or more (based on a full-time study mode)
  • Higher education must be a university course over 1-4 years.
  • The dollar value for a vocational education and training course is $5,000 for a full year or pro rata if the course is between 6 and 12 months. Scholarships are not available for courses shorter than 6 months.
  • The dollar value for a higher education course (i.e., a university course) over 1-4 years is $7,000 per annum for full time study. Note that scholarships paid beyond 1 year will only be made when the student provides proof of successful completion of the year; ongoing enrolment to subsequent years; and acquittal for the course expenditure in line with intended purposes. Subsequent year funding is at the discretion of the East Gippsland Community Foundation.
  • Dollar amounts may be adjusted depending on other scholarships received by the applicant.

Please check the eligibility criteria for the specific scholarship for which you wish to apply.
Please contact the East Gippsland Community Foundation if you are not proposing to study full time.

No. Both vocational education and training and higher education and is supported. The application form is the same for both Scholarships.

An undergraduate bachelor’s degree course provided by an accredited university or college, in an approved Australian course, usually of a 3–4-year duration.

Courses provided by an un-registered training organisation are not eligible. Courses shorter than 6 months full time are not eligible.

  • The vocational education and training Scholarships are to assist students undertaking certificate, diploma, advanced diploma or associate degree level studies at TAFE or a similar registered training organisation.
  • The higher education Scholarships are to assist students undertaking a bachelor’s degree level.

The university or college must be an accredited and registered tertiary provider.

If you are applying for a vocational education and training Scholarship for study at TAFE or a similar registered training organisation, in a course other than a bachelor’s degree, any prior attendance at with a registered provider does not affect your eligibility.

To be eligible for our higher education (university) scholarships for study at bachelor’s degree level you must be either a first-time tertiary student; entering the second or third year of a course you started in 2020 or 2021; or a mature aged student.

The East Gippsland Community Foundation Scholarship for 2019/2020 bushfire impacted students are designed for recent school leavers who have successfully completed year 12 since the Black Summer Fires of 2019/2020 and also open to mature aged students in 2023.

  • Scholarships for vocational education and training (i.e., TAFE or similar), in a course other than bachelor’s degree, support full-time and part-time study.
    The course must be greater than 6 months duration.
  • Higher education (i.e., university) Scholarships to support study at bachelor’s degree level the course you intend to study must be classified as full time by your university or college.

We realise that the financial reality means that most students do have to work whilst studying. If you are applying for a scholarship to support study for a bachelor’s degree, then you must contact East Gippsland Community Foundation if you do not plan to study full time.

If you are applying for a scholarship for vocational education and training (such as study at TAFE or similar registered training provider in a course other than a bachelor’s degree) then combining full-time work and studying in block release is acceptable.

If you plan to work full-time and study  in block release (such as night school or full-time block release) for a bachelor’s degree then you should contact East Gippsland Community Foundation  for advice prior to applying for a scholarship.

Yes, provided that the overseas study is a component of an approved Australian course, and the approved Australian course must give credit for the overseas study.

Unfortunately, no, as the scholarship is only for undergraduate students.

Initially, yes. Depending on your academic performance, the scholarship may be renewed to cover a second or subsequent years. Proof of academic performance is required to be considered for on-going funding, as is an acquittal of major items of expenditure at year end.

The number and value of the awards are at the discretion of the East Gippsland Community Foundation from year to year.

No. We would suggest you apply for the 2024 program, as the 2023 scholarship does require study to commence in first semester 2023.

If the scholarships run in 2024 then, yes, depending on the criteria for 2024 scholarships.

Unfortunately, no, we cannot “hold over” funds. If you are awarded a scholarship and subsequently defer, you must notify us immediately.

The East Gippsland Community Foundation does not offer taxation advice regarding the scholarship, so we suggest that you obtain your own professional advice.

You must notify us immediately if you do not continue your study once your funds are received and your contract is signed.  Call 0499 241 917 to discuss.

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