Opening on 1 September 2022, Community Bushfire Recovery Grants are available for projects that help East Gippsland recover from the Black Summer fires.  Two grants are available. A youth focused grant (maximum $50,000) for projects and activities that support youth focused needs; and a small grant (maximum $5,000) for events, projects and minor capital purchases targeted at fire impacted community groups. Priority will be given to grassroot, community led initiatives that directly and clearly benefit local communities within any of the themes:

  • Bushfire recovery
  • Community led capacity building
  • Disaster planning and preparedness
  • Positive youth outcomes (specific to youth grant)

OPEN: 1 September 2022 (8am)
CLOSES: 9 October 2022
AWARDED: November 2022

Maximum available for Youth Grant: $50,000
Maximum available for Small Grant: $5,000

More Information

See these pages for all the information you might need to apply for a grant…

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